When ‘I’ is replaced with ‘We’, even illness becomes wellness” – Malcolm X

Why Pinnaroo?

The focus of the Pinnaroo Project is to address limited access to health services. It is a ground-breaking arts  and health initiative that aims to improve the health and wellbeing of the Pinnaroo community through a range  of activities. Providing significant benefits for the local community, The Pinnaroo Project also has the potential  to influence policy and programming in relation to health and wellbeing in regional Australia.  

It is a proactive, history rich community  

Pinnaroo as a community is ideally positioned to deliver this project for a range of reasons. Firstly, and most  importantly because of the pro-active and ambitious nature of the community and its residents – in relation  to arts but also in relation to health and the local economy. A number of local groups have reflected this in  their planning and activities including Mallee Arts, Pinnaroo Community Inc and the Pinnaroo Fitness, Health  and Wellbeing Association.  

It is geographically remote but accessible 

According to the ABS Pinnaroo is considered remote but it is within three hour’s drive of Adelaide – making  it accessible for expertise and external partners to travel from a major capital centre without significant cost  or time constraints. It is 243 kms east of Adelaide and situated in the Southern Mallee, near the Victorian  border.  

It has a stable population 

Whilst there are a small number of seasonal workers that live in Pinnaroo on a temporary nature, the overall  population is very stable. From a project involvement and research perspective this should translate into  consistent participation from beginning to end. The population of Pinnaroo is just over 700 people.  

It has limited access to health services  

Pinnaroo, like many regional and remote communities has limited access to primary and allied health  services. 

Along with improving health the project is expected to create a vibrant township and place the residents can be proud of.