Ceramics with Tania Kunze

Tania Kunze dropped into Pinnaroo for multiple ceramics workshops, teaching over 25 locals the art of hand crafting clay into useable pieces. Stephanie Michell, a Pinnaroo resident, with an interest in ceramics, also helped out in the workshops and learned new skills in order to keep the skills within the community.

This was a fantastic ceramics event with complete creative control. Tania taught a range of basic skills in pottery making such as pinch pots, coil and slab methods. Your piece was left to your imagination and Tania guided participants to seamlessly work with their hands to create everything from mugs, statues, plates and even fairy doors!

The workshops had great participation and feedback and it was great to see such a huge range of ages enjoy the experience!

Meet the artist – Tania Kunze

Tania Kunze is a talented artist in a range of mediums and teaches regularly from her studio Tatty K in Littlehampton, SA. With an advanced diploma in ceramics and time spent as a pottery teacher, Tania was the perfect fit to take our ceramics workshop in Pinnaroo. Her inspiration arises from the beauty she finds in nature, and her passion for creating pieces from clay is evident in her bubbly and inviting personality.

We hope to put some of Tanias other fantastic skills to use in new workshops throughout the project, so keep an eye out if you missed out this time!
Or, you can go visit Tania whenever at her studio in the hills – https://tattyk.com

See what’s coming next!

If you’d like to take part in one of our upcoming workshops, ensure to register your interest today.

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