Silk Scarves with Helen Moon

Helen Moon kicked off our first ever workshop with silk painting. A kaleidoscope of colour took over the studio and wearable art was created. This workshop introduced participants to silk painting and the delight of working with colour.

White scarves were painted with specific dye for silk which is a protein fibre.
From a room of blank canvases, with some easy-to-follow guidance from Helen, a flow of local creativity culminated in 60 beautiful scarves. Every scarf had a unique design and colour range which were created using a variety of techniques including using salt, sugar, water and heat.

Participants certainly learned the fluidity and unpredictability of working with silk and silk dye, where sometimes vision didn’t always turn into reality. All involved were keen to keep enhancing their skills now that they had learned to control and work with the medium. We hope to invite Helen back again to create more silk pieces.

We are elated that these workshops were so well supported by the community (all three sessions filled to capacity), and look forward to bringing more fantastic creative opportunities like this to the Mallee.

Keep an eye out for more workshops coming soon to Pinnaroo.

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