Lego and Lanterns

On Sunday 29th August the Pinnaroo Institute was full of gluey fingers and printed pictures. We successfully welcomed our third workshop experience with a jam-packed arts and crafts day featuring Lego printing and Lantern making.

Lego Letterpress

Deborah from Twining Arts joined us in Pinnaroo to run a fun and colourful lego letterpress station. Lego bricks were used to create interesting patterns and pictures which were printed on paper to capture the design forever. Popular among the younger children, designs from dump trucks to Roo girl slogans were created in a multitude of bright colours.

Deb Twining is a multi-disciplinary artist, with a strong focus in community-based arts practice and youth arts education. She is enthusiastic about designing workshops that foster positive artistic experiences for individuals and communities.
Instagram – @twiningarts

Lantern making

Tony Hannan brought with him a lot of glue, tape and willow sticks which, over only a couple of hours, were beautifully transformed into sharks, stars, whales and teepees! The process started with creating the outline and shape of the lantern by taping together pieces of willow branch. Once the overall shape was achieved and a candle set in place, greaseproof paper was dampened with a PVA glue and water concoction to create the lanterns outer layer.

Tony Hannan is a well-known and respected community arts practitioner of over 30 years working with individuals on the creation of small and large-scale lanterns, giant puppets, inflatables, fire murals, parade floats and outdoor spectacles. He was the founder of Kneehigh Puppeteers and CirKidZ and is the current director of the Hahndorf Winter Lantern Festival.

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