Mosaics with local artist Chris Jenzen

Local mosaicist Chris Jenzen ran a very successful 5-week long mosaic workshop for The Pinnaroo Project. Chris taught participants the basics of working with coloured tiles to create beautiful mosaic designs on pavers.

Everyone chose their own unique design, and got to work creating their masterpiece. No two ideas were the same, there were mosaiced flowers, bumblebees, dogs, cats, butterflies, sunsets and more.

Under the watchful eye of local Chris, tiles were nibbled, cut, filed and glued, until the final grouting at week 5. It was a wonderful workshop that culminated in spectacular pavers which are sure to be placed proudly in participants’ gardens all around Pinnaroo!

Placing and gluing tiles

Grouting before the reveal

Beautiful paver after grouting

Chris also gave examples of more advanced mosaics with the use of glass instead of tiles. It was wonderful to have local knowledge and a community member as our teacher! Chris will definitely be back with more mosaics workshops in the future.

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